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Welcome To The Sunbeam Family!

Dear Parents,

Welcome To The Sunbeam Family!

The Sunbeam CBSE School, Vellore, was born out of a necessity to make world-class and top of the line quality education accessible and affordable to all. In a journey that spans across over three decades of dedicated service and commitment to the cause of education, what started as a small school in Vellore, has now become a pioneer in nurturing young minds in the country, preparing them to excel in every walk of life. Striking the right balance between personalized and collaborative learning, we take a holistic end-to-end approach to help our students overcome challenges and achieve their learning goals. By creating a progressive and positive learning environment, at Sunbeam, we categorically identify individual talents at an early age and persistently  shape them every single day to make sure as adults our students outperform and outshine in their respective vocations and professional life.

The faculty at Sunbeam is amongst the most talented and experienced in the country and always willing to go that extra mile to bring out the best in our students. With a futuristic vision, we have always been a proponent of flexible adaptive learning. We use all modern and latest techniques in our smart classrooms including graphics, audiovisual learning materials, gamified learning, online tests and more. We also provide our students adequate exposure facilitating and promptly ensuring their participation in select national and international educational events such as Olympiads, seminars, orientation programs and more. Sunbeam Vellore is much more than a conventional learning center, we are a sophisticated laboratory actively researching and bridging the gap between the ordinary and the brilliant!

Note: Sunbeam Vellore is affiliated to the Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE ) (Affiliation Number is: 1930229). The school is managed by the Gandhi Educational Trust, Vellore (Reg. No. 366 of 1990).

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