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Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ )s

Dear Parents! Welcome to SunBeam Vellore!

Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions where you’ll find answers to your most common queries. It will also help you have a better overview of our institute and how we work. Additionally, if you would want answers to questions apart from those mentioned below, you’re always welcome to reach us directly by filling a simple contact form here: Click Here

What are the school timings?

Our school timings are as follows:
KG to 5th Grade : 9:30 am to 3:30pm
6th and 7th Grade : 8:45 am to 3:30pm
8th Grade onwards : 8:45 am to 4:30 pm

Which classes are functioning at your school?

We are a K-12 school. All classes from kindergarten to higher secondary are fully ongoing and operational at Sunbeam.

What is the admission process?

Our Admissions Policy is compliant with the guidelines provided by the CBSE from time to time. All admission related queries can be made with Asst. Administrative officer of the school during school hours. If you need additional information related to our admission policy , you’re always welcome to reach us directly by filling a simple contact form here: Click Here

What is the curriculum followed in school?

We are affiliated with the Central Board Of Secondary Educations (C.B.S.E).

How do you assess a student’s performance in your school?

In addition to periodic internal assessment tests, we have term exams followed by annual exams wherein a student’s progress is monitored, evaluated and reported. Identifying pupils’ learning difficulties and continually providing them with interactive one-to-one feedback based on the respective outcome of the above-mentioned assessments, the core of our assessment policy is to help our students excel in their academic journey.

What kind of co-curricular activities do you conduct in your school?

At Sunbeam we believe in co-curricular activities as they make significant contributions to the overall holistic development of a student. Students at Sunbeam actively participate in a range of co-curricular activities including Literary week for performing arts, Public speaking, Debates, Model UN, Art workshops, Technology incubators, etc

Are there external examinations and competitions that students can take part in your school?

Yes, from time to time we host several competitions and also provide our students’ opportunities to participate in external examinations both national and international. We believe in providing our students with the necessary exposure from an early age.

What is the student to teacher ratio in your classrooms?

We maintain a healthy student-teacher ratio recommended by the C.B.S.E in their guidelines for affiliated schools.

Are there any support for kids with special needs?

We believe in the idea of inclusive education and therefore we don’t separate students based on their social, ethnic or economic or physical background/orientation. However, in certain cases, we may recommend parents have alternate arrangements for some students.

Our teachers and staff are trained to understand the particular needs of students with challenges like learning difficulties or poor attention span. All such students are given additional attention and sessions with their class teachers. We provide all the support to help them achieve their learning goals and make sure they don’t feel left out. Inclusive education is one of our core values.

In case of emergency is your school equipped and staff trained to respond to a medical emergency?

Yes, all our staff are well trained to respond to emergencies. We also have all safety measures in place like a fire alarm, a fire extinguisher, CCTVs etc.

Does your school provide transportation facilities?

Yes, our school provides transportation to students who reach us from upto 70 Km afar. For details of the route and charges please contact us either online or visit the office during school hours.

What other facilities and amenities are there for students?

At Sunbeam students get seamless access to all modern facilities such as a rich library, state-of-the-art science and computer labs, music studio, a large auditorium, audiovisual centre, Virtual Reality lab, English Language lab, 3D printing and Lego Robotics lab, highly equipped fitness centre and much more.

Is your school co-educational?

Yes, we are a co-educational school and we believe in gender equality and equity.

Do you have qualified teachers?

We have highly qualified teachers with years of experience and a wealth of expertise. All our teachers are approved by the council and have all the necessary qualifications to serve their roles.

How do you ensure the quality of faculty at your school?

We conduct timelier CPD (Continual Professional Development) programs and seminars to help our teachers stay updated about the latest developments in the field of education and development. These programs also include one-to-one feedback and discussions with experts.

Do you implement modern teaching techniques in your classrooms?

Yes, we do implement modern teaching techniques in our classrooms to help students overcome learning difficulties and better understand with the aid of modern educational tools including videos, graphics, Smart classes, Virtual Reality, Lego Robotics and educational games.

Do you conduct regular parent-teacher meetings to convey a child’s progress report?

Yes, we arrange parents and teachers meetings every month to inform parents how their wards are progressing in their respective classes. This usually happens after every monthly assessment is done. At Sunbeam we keep parents informed and involved so that they can equally contribute to their children’s learning and growth.

Does your school have a playground for sports activities?

Yes, our school has a sprawling campus of 35 acres and a Tournament size playground for students to participate in outdoor sports like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Volleyball ,etc. We have two Tournament spec Basketball courts and two clay Tennis courts. We also have an international standard indoor sports arena catering to Badminton, Snooker, Table tennis, etc.

What measures have you taken to ensure security on the campus?

At Sunbeam, we take security very seriously. We have deployed an exclusively dedicated App that allows GPS tracking of all operational Sunbeam conveyance buses. There are over 350 HD Cameras strategically placed throughout the school premises. Fire extinguishers are installed on every floor and at all potentially vulnerable locations such as science labs and the library. All our staff and teachers at Sunbeam are trained to respond to any emergency which may arise in the event of a natural disaster. We also make sure that all emergency numbers are available on notice boards and in our classrooms. We also have emergency drills simulating a situation to make sure our students don’t panic in an untoward situation.