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Concessions and Scholarships

At Sunbeam Schools we believe in giving our students the best opportunities for success. So, we have a number of scholarships and concessions that help exceptional students continue their education and follow their dreams.

Every year nearly Rs. 50 Lakh is given out to students who display brilliance in academics or in any type of sports. Teaching students the importance of hard work and helping students reach their fullest potential are the primary objectives behind our scholarship and concession scheme.

At Sunbeam Schools we give equal importance to both academics as well as co-curricular activities. This is reflected in our concessions scheme as well. Alongside academic concessions, sports scholarships have helped many young athletes continue to pursue their dreams of representing their country on the international stage.

At Sunbeam Schools we believe that every child should have the right to a great educational institution irrespective of their financial status. Our scholarships and concessions schemes have helped us fulfill this promise and many students from various socio-economic backgrounds have completed their schooling with us.

Students of Sunbeam Schools are also eligible for the prestigious Gandhi Educational Trust Awards Scholarship.

For more information on scholarship eligibility and applications contact us through phone calls or emails.