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Sunbeam Fest

Every year at Sunbeam Schools, we hold a major annual fest where students can showcase their various co-curricular talents. This is a huge affair that our students look forward to every year. Parents and family members attend and watch their children perform on stage. Around 10,000 guests visit the Sunbeam Fest every year.

The fest is a glitzy and glamorous affair. Students prepare for it for weeks under the guidance of professional instructors. Students can participate in dance showcases, sing in the choir, take part in plays or put on some other kind of stage performance. This is a major opportunity for students interested in the fine arts to hone their skills and gain some much-needed stage experience. But the Sunbeam Fest is not only for a handful of students, every student of Sunbeam Schools is included in the preparation and execution of the Sunbeam Fest.

Light, camera and action may not seem like they can ever be a part of school life, but at the Sunbeam Fest, students get to experience the thrill of entertaining a massive audience. The Sunbeam Fest is one of the memories which students take back with them after their schooling. They make friends, learn to become comfortable on stage and also discover their talents.

At Sunbeam Schools we prioritize our students’ safety above all else. So, the fest arena is surrounded by professional security guards. They keep watch over the students and visitors constantly to avoid any untoward incidents.

If you also want to take back some beautiful pictures of your children shining on stage then a visit to the Sunbeam Fest is a must.

At Sunbeam Schools we always try to meet the different needs of our students. The chance to let loose and have some fun for a few days every year is very important for the emotional well-being of young minds. This is the primary motto behind the Sunbeam Fest that we organize every year.