Our Vision is to create social balance by providing world-class education to both urban and rural children. We envisage a great India with Sunbeamians as its strong pillars.


  • To create dedicated youth with a focus on nation building
  • To impart value based, socially inclusive educational services to the Indian community
  • To imbibe good moral values in youth
  • To inculcate in children, the spirit of excellence, scientific temper and humanism

Our Motto

Harmony with Nature
Creedless Unity
Unparelled Integration

– Dr. T. Karunakaran


Because you want your children to succeed, in academics and in Life.

At Sunbeam, we focus on maximizing our students’ potential.
How do we do this? BY providing an environment that fosters and promotes excellence, through encouragement and guidance. By making sure that our students get the very best of facilities, equipment and amenities. By assembling a team of dedicated, tireless staff who are known for their ability to get the best out of students. By constantly innovating and updating our methods to suit evolving needs and changing times.

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Ability & Strength
35 Acres 100000 Sq.ft. built-up area 15 Management Staff 65 School Buses 25000 Library Books 250 Computers
JEE & NEET Coaching
The Learning Point - A single point destination of excellence for coaching, guidance and counselling for all exams like NEET, IIT JEE , CLAT, NATA, VITEEE, SRMJEEE, NTSE, KVPY etc.
Smart Classes
Smart classes are already provided in 60 class rooms. There are two resource centres where constant improvisation is done. State of the art technology is made available through fibre optics backbone connectivity and a rich collection of content gathered from the best sources.

Sunbeam Infrastructure

Sunbeam school is one of the best CBSE schools in Vellore which provides the best environment for children with learning spaces for them under the direction of teachers. India follows the system of formal education that is necessary to all the students and Sunbeam is one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Vellore follow it with much diligence.
Sunbeam has the best infrastructure. Our classrooms are ‘smart classes’. Large doors and windows bring in daylight and fresh air, making our classrooms healthy. The entire flooring and walls are beautifully layered with ceramic tiles. We are one of the best CBSE schools in Vellore that provide safe environment along with the various activity centers like robotics lab, math lab, audiovisual centers, computer center which are fully air-conditioned.

All our classrooms are smart classes and we offer the best infrastructure that helps to have a very good environment to learn and study. The entire walls and floors are layered with the best ceramic tiles. Sufficient water coolers with R.O. facility supply protected drinking water. Our restrooms are state of the art and well maintained. Incinerators and other modern technologies are involved in good hygiene and sanitation.

Generally, Young children study in primary school and teenagers who completed primary school go to secondary school. An institution is called a university where higher education is taught. Young children who are typically aged 3-5 usually attend kindergarten and later primary education and then the secondary education.
A fleet of sixty well-maintained vehicles, 4000 capacity auditorium, well-furnished music studio, spacious modern canteen and exquisite greenery make Sunbeam a paradise. The economy of the country is improved by providing quality and valuable education to the young generation who are the future hope of our country. It can be achieved with the help of competent educators who help to raise the scope of academic excellence.
The efficiency of the staff and faculty in a school is improved with the help of student management training program which in turn also help teachers guide the students to give the equal importance to both academics and extracurricular activities. We are one of the best on Vellore cbse school list and we follow the student management system that helps students to attain the success quickly.
We are one of the top cbse schools in Vellore and we are capable of providing high-class results and students passed out from schools have reached great heights and positions in the world. The advanced technology is able to provide the solutions that enhance the performance of the students which help them to succeed in their life. We have the well-trained teachers who help the students to perform well in the academics and also help them to concentrate equally in the extra-curricular activities.
We have the ability to give the students - “the eye of the tracker” observation knowledge to develop as a reputable person in the society. We guide your children to educate themselves about the skills that they need which help them to reach their goals. We help in developing confidence which will lead our students to attain a deeper level of awareness to be a successful person in society.
It is important to consider that we help the students to concentrate on their behavior and we serve as the channel for gaining knowledge and skills that help to increase the all-round performance of our students.

Our indoor table tennis courts, modern multi-gym, floodlit basketball courts, indoor synthetic badminton court, tennis complex, science parks, play centre, football field, volleyball, throwball, cricket nets and handball courts are professionally made. A fleet of sixty well maintained vehicles, 4000 capacity auditorium, spacious modern canteen, well furnished music rooms and exquisite greenery with avifauna make Sunbeam a paradise.

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While most of the private schools are run for making money, I witnessed Sunbeam as a rare school run sincerely for the cause of education amidst lot of challenges and hurdles. Keeping in line with Harigopalan’s dedication, the Sunbeamians also win laurels both in education and games year after year upto the National level.
Dr. P.R.GOKULAKRISHNANChief Justice of Gujarat
I know that running a school is a big challenge. I do not go to all schools just when I am called; I came to know from reliable sources that Sunbeam provides quality education to thousands of children. I have come with a special interest to support this process of making and moulding young minds.
Every child of Sunbeam is well motivated dedicated and focused. I feel happy to mingle with you. The way in which you have been moulded by your chairman who speaks so valiantly like Veerapandiya Kattabomman and your correspondent, principal and all your teachers impress me. Every Sunbeamian should be a champion.
Dr. C. SYLENDRA BABUIPS, ADG of Police, Tamilnadu
Sunbeam is the only school which has got teachers, Principal, Chairman and Parents who render tireless service to bring up district level, state level and national level achievers. All these people and all the children of Sunbeam are my total family. Harigopalan was my student in American College, I feel proud to have taught him as his Professor.
While most of the private schools are run for making money, I witnessed Sunbeam as a rare school run sincerely for the cause of education amidst lot of challenges and hurdles. Keeping in line with Harigopalan’s dedication, the Sunbeamians also win laurels both in education and games year after year upto the National level.
Dr. G. VISWANATHANChancellor, VIT.
I have come to Sunbeam Thrice in 25 years. Harigopalan has made Sunbeam into one of the biggest schools in TamilNadu. The children who study here have been consistently topping at district level and state level both in matric and CBSE. The libraries, Computer Labs and Language Labs of Sunbeam are great boon to the children. I prepared IPS through club libraries. I wish all Sunbeamians should be proud about their school and the great training that they undergo.
Shri. W.I. DAVARAM, I.P.S.,DGP, Tamil Nadu (Retd.)
Sun’s rays are the best disinfectant. Sunbeam serves as a germicide to eradicate ignorance. I feel jealous seeing the facility, infrastructure and atmosphere provided by ‘Sunbeam’. I came to know that Sunbeam strictly follow RTE free education scheme.And I am much pleased about this principled stand of this great school.
Justice Chandru, Judge, Madras High Court
The moment I entered into Sunbeam School I could Judge as to how well the infrastructure, atmosphere and surroundings have been created. Harigopalan has come from Nagercoil and built up such a successful school.That proves his dedication towards education and his care for the people of Vellore.
Dr. Justice. A.R.LAKSHMANANSupreme Court Judge
Parents and teachers should evolve as responsible people keeping in mind the children’s future. Mr. Harigopalan in this context renders all encouragement and support and he himself is a role model and a great man and I am happy to mention that.
Mr. BALAKRISHNANI.P.S, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mylapore, Chennai.