Naam Sunbeam

Naam Sunbeam

Usually an organization with a large number of members, busily involved in day to day activities will seldom have time to mingle with each other and get to know of the needs of others. 

Sunbeam schools have found a new way to bridge this gap, NAAM Sunbeam is organized to help Team Sunbeam.

Every month, all the members of Team Sunbeam gather at the Thiruvalluvar A/C Hall.

Team Sunbeam has 500 members from house keeping staff to the chairman. 

The objectives of NAAM Sunbeam are to instill unity, promote staff motivation and cultivate the spirit of fraternity and mutual support.

Nearly 1 lakh rupees is collected from all the members, starting from 25 rupees  to 500 rupees, in proportion with the salaries of members as a donation every month.

The management donates a matching grant of 1 lakh rupees and makes it  2 lakhs. That money is divided and distributed to 45 to 50 members as cash gifts every month. 

The gift is handed over by fellow staff. 

Every Team Sunbeam staff member, is eligible to receive that money. This program started in April 2019.

Some of the well to do members donate their gifts back to Naam Sunbeam.

That money again, is given to needy members.

The monthly meeting is a soul enriching program in which there is a prayer where Hindu, Christian and Muslim prayer songs are sung by members of the other religion. 

Talented team members render musical accompaniment.

Some members speak about the importance of unity but utmost caution is taken not to permit any praising or sycophancy of the management.

Parents Teachers Association (P.T.A) office bearers and people with altruistic outlook are invited to deliver special lectures to the members.

Naam Sunbeam insists on equality and serves as an open forum to discuss all matters freely. 

The management provides refreshments to all the members at the end of every meeting.

Naam Sunbeam has larger plans like evolving a housing plan for the members.

Naam Sunbeam has also introduced a scheme known as ‘Uyir Thittam’ ‘Life Scheme’ for which each member donates 10 rupees every month. 

If 5000 rupees gets collected in a month, the mgt. gives 5000 rupees as a matching fund and the 10,000 rupees is kept as saving. 

Month after month the fund grows and when needed, the fund shall be donated to save the lives of NAAM members or when there are any untoward incidents.

NAAM Sunbeam is a noble, useful forum that serves all members alike.

Team Sunbeam feels proud that such a socially useful scheme has been wholeheartedly appreciated and taken up by all the members.