Chairman Message

Chairman Message

Dear friends,
Every year in Sunbeam is exciting and exhilarating, as we all know achieving a district first rank in the very second batch of Senior Sec XII a rare deed. I whole heartedly congratulate Mr. Rathish and his team for this magnificent feat.

Being Chairman of Sunbeam has been quiet satisfying because Sunbeam is very special. It is special because Sunbeam breeds gentle human beings with genuine feelings, love for the neighbour, concern for the poor, care for humanity and greater understanding of the divine plan for every one of us. The teachers of Sunbeam imbibe in every Sunbeam in the spirit to win and the sense not to hurt; they create brave Indians who will have the courage to face life in chivalrous manner.

I congratulate each and every Sunbeamian for being a part of this wonderful community which stands for integrity and comradery. My special appreciation goes to our Correspondent Mrs. Thangaprakash, The National best teacher awardee for cultivating greater qualities in children by living as a role model and leading a principled life.

My special thanks are due to the editorial team for their wonderful creation and their magnificent contribution.

As I always say our motto is to make men and women of Iron and Steel.


Honorary Chairman